An App for Heide

This app is best viewed on mobile, though you can view it on a desktop as well.

First Time Using AppSheet:

Mobile: Download (from Apple AppStore or Google Play Store) the app called “AppSheet”.


  1. Log into AppSheet app, use the same email as the one I sent the link to.
  2. Go to the email and click on the link shared with you.
    • You may need to confirm to “Install AppSheet”..
  3. In the AppSheet app, after logging in, find “AppGallery” in the top left hand (dropdown) hamburger menu (the 3 short lines)–which should lead you to “Shared with Me”.
  4. You may see “Classes with Heide” in the dropdown menu.

This version is just a preview, so you see what it looks like with pictures and names populated:

At the moment, however, the information you enter into the app is saved on my Google Drive.

If you think this app works, I can unlink it from my document, so that the data tables will be saved on your own private tables.

FYI: The private data tables will be in your Google Drive=>AppSheet=>Data=> some file name that you will recognize.

How to Use It-Start with bottom navigation:

Class: Each “class” has a roster. When you click on a class name, that roster displays with a small “person+check” icon to the right of the person. If you click that icon, that person’s attendance is recorded.

The next day, that “person+check” icon will appear again. If you delete that person’s attendance record, that “person+check” icon will automatically appear.

Attendance Log: This is where the attendance record is saved. You can edit it.

You can find a list of students in the left hand dropdown menu. Enter a fictitious email if you don’t want to use real email addresses.

Best Practice:

Whether it’s the first time or 10th time, each time at start – and frequently while using the app, refresh the screen:

1) Mobile: Pulling (swipe) from top of the screen downward; 
laptop: use the refresh button;

2) Also sync Flat App‘s content by clicking on the refresh button 
mobile: top right, next to the 3 dotted bar; 
laptop: top right, next to your account logo).


Laptop: Click on the hamburger menu on top left, and the column of navigation icons will expand to reveal the labels that identify each button.

Mobile: Buttons on bottom of the screen; the inverted triangular hamburger menu.