COSP App Guide

This app guide is work-in-progress.

Remember to frequently refresh your browser & the app.

First Time Using AppSheet:

(or: Go straight to Read before Using App)

You must use the links shared with you to open the app on a browser or install the app on mobile.

Laptop: You need to be logged into the (Google) account that you received the share link in.

Mobile: You may need to download the AppSheet app first (from Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore). Then log into the app using your Google credentials.

Finding the App:

If you follow the browser link, you can skip this step.

If you have other AppSheet apps (owned by you or shared with you), you may need to locate our app:

Once inside AppSheet, find one of the following: “AppGallery” or “My Apps”, which should lead to “Shared with Me”. If our app is not there, on laptop, go back to your email that contains the share link, click on it should “register” the app for your account.

Consider adding a shortcut on your phone or bookmark the address on your laptop.

* If you cannot find the app or are denied access, check to make sure you have logged into your AppSheet account using the right email address.


Note: On desktop, clicking the hamburger menu will expand the side menu bar.

Refreshing the App Frequently:

1) Mobile: Pulling (swipe) from top of the screen downward;
laptop: use the refresh button;

2) Also sync app’s content by clicking on the refresh button
mobile: top right, next to the 3 dotted bar;
laptop: top right, next to your account logo).


Most automated tasks, such as sending emails, aren’t completed yet. Currently, only automation is:

If someone is enrolled in Practicum, their name is automatically added to the Mentor list and students can be immediately assigned to them.

* The “Complete”switch (featured here earlier) is currently off.

Functions and Features:

Feel free to test out various features and layout and see what is really necessary and what you can do without.


Click on the header of a column to sort data for that column. Works best with tables that have a lot of columns, such as “All” or “Enrollment Master”.

The Search Filter:

Export Data

Look for the download icon. This function is supposed to export data from the page you are viewing.

Read before Using the App

THREE NAVIGATION CLUSTERS: The information is roughly organized into Admin Center, Student Center, and Trends. Student Center and Trends are designed primarily to show data. So browse and sort at will, but go elsewhere to add, edit the data. Most of the delete functions have been disabled.

TWO DATA SETS: Records of people and records of course enrollment. Although these two often appear linked, from time to time, you will find yourself puzzling over why you cannot change a record that looks exactly like the one you edited moments ago–that’s because they belong to different data tables.

ONE STARTING POINT: For that reason, when it comes to taking actions on the data–adding, editing, or occasionally deleting, it is BEST to go through the Admin Center, even though one can add or edit information through most of the linked pages. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a seemingly infinite loop.

“Add New Student” vs “Enroll Student in Course”:

Use these two quick links for actions related to registration and enrollment.

Add New Student” adds a brand new student who is registering with the College for the first time.

Enroll Student in Course” enrolls an existing student to a course.

About the Projected Completion Date

If you wish, there is a handy dandy reference date displayed, contextually, at the bottom of the enrollment form. “Contextually” because 1) you need to select the Course first to see the reference date for that course 2) the date changes based on the Start Date.

You still need to manually enter the Projected Completion Date. If you change the Start Date and need to see an updated Projected Completion Date, you need to clicking on it the reference date to refresh it.

Mentor Assignments – The Preferred Way

In the current app configuration, assign a mentor to a student is done by enrolling a student.

You may encounter a few different ways to enroll a student in a course, but we prefer that you do it this way:

Admin Center => “Enroll Student in Course”=>select student’s name in the dropdown box (you can search for a name).

* Do NOT use the “New” option in the dropdown box which let you add a brand new student. This may lead to duplicate records and sometimes becomes circular and confusing.

Bug Reporting via App:

The built-in “feedback” function (through the top-left menu).

Or the form below:

Contact Us

For anybody else that happens upon this page by accident: This is a testing app. No intention, nor anything in the app by design, to capture user’s information. Use at your own discretion.