Flat App Guide

This is a testing app designed for testing purposes only. All data is fictitious.

It’s named “Flat App” as an inside joke, along the lines of “Flat Stanley” who travels the world despite being flat.

For internal reference only: Version 1.000695 (completed on 9/14/2022) is relatively stable.

First Time Using AppSheet:

Use the link shared with you.

In the email you receive, there are two links: one for browsing on a laptop, another for creating a shortcut on the phone. Laptop or mobile, you need to use the same email as the one you received the share link in.

Laptop: You may need to log into your own AppSheet account using your Google credentials.

Mobile: You may need to download the AppSheet app first (from Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore). Then log into your account.

Finding Flat App:

Once logged in, find one of the following: “AppGallery”, “My Apps”, which should lead to “Shared with Me”. If FlatApp is not there, on laptop, go back to your email that contains the share link, click on it should take you to the right place.

If you cannot find Flat App or are denied access, check to make sure you have logged into your AppSheet account using the right email address.

Starting Flat App:

Whether it’s the first time or 10th time, each time at start – and frequently while using the app, refresh the screen:

1) Mobile: Pulling (swipe) from top of the screen downward;
laptop: use the refresh button;

2) Also sync Flat App‘s content by clicking on the refresh button
mobile: top right, next to the 3 dotted bar;
laptop: top right, next to your account logo).


Mobile: Buttons on bottom of the screen; the inverted triangular hamburger menu.

Laptop: Click on the hamburger menu on top left, and the column of navigation icons will expand to reveal the labels that identify each button.

What Isn’t Working:

The data, being fictitious, isn’t set up realistically or logically. eg A user can advance to MA4 before completing SES. Or the completion date may be ahead of the starting date. Some data was leftover from testing and may be completely out of place.

A lot of fields are empty. You won’t see the entire sequence from SES to becoming a mentor–and the naming is loosey goosey.

Certain fields may appear redundant: eg. Full Name is followed by First Name & Last Name, or Address followed by City & Country. The fields are there for a purpose. Ignore them for now.

Automated tasks, such as sending emails, aren’t completed yet.

What You Can Do with the Dummy Data:

Feel free to add, edit or delete information, though avoid batch delete for the moment because we need data to set up the app.

The “delete” function is disabled for Mentor & Program, and certain other fields.

Click around to see if things are set up logically, and note what is missing.

Test this app as if this is the only interface one has to interact with the database – which will be the case for practically everybody.

Bear in mind: Once Flat App (or an app by any other name) is put into real use, users won’t have the same level of access to the data. Access levels will range from view only, view+add+edit, view+add+edit+delete. Hopefully access to various aspects of the app can be control on as-needed basis.

Features to check out:

Test the following features and see what is really necessary and what you can do without.


Click on the header of a column to sort data for that column.

The Search Filter:

Mobile: Click on the search icon (magnifying glass)– you will see an inverted triangular hamburger icon on bottom right of the search bar.

Laptop: The inverted triangular hamburger icon is on the top right, below your account logo.

A Few Semi-Automatic Actions:

These are more for showcasing potentials than actual function. So don’t be irked if a button seems to be unnecessary or doing the wrong thing (eg putting in a wrong date) – just know that kind of automation is possible and determine where you want it.

These are more for showcasing potentials than actual function. So don’t be irked if a button seems to be unnecessary or doing the wrong thing (eg putting in a wrong date) – just know that kind of automation is possible and determine where you want it.

Add a starting date to an SES Start Date field and a projected date (4 months from starting date) gets inserted automatically.

If SES start date is more than 4 months ago and student hasn’t compleed SES, then the start date turns red.

Click on status, completed, (in SES or MA1) and the current date will be entered automatically as the “completion date” (which can be individually adjusted). However, should you decide to uncheck the “completed” button, you need to manually remove the completion date (there may be a good reason for keeping it that way).

Once someone has completed the last MA1 course (set as “MA4” at the moment), a button, “Add as mentor”, will display. Clicking that button (and confirm it) will add that student onto the mentors list.

The round icons on top of certain pages are action buttons. They all should ask for confirmation. Note the ones that don’t ask for confirmation (or ask the wrong thing.)

Add a note to a record and see the red alert icon appear.

Features Under Development / Consideration:

  1. Automatic triggering of email sending
  2. Automatic flagging students for advancing to the next course (via email or other forms of alert).
  3. Exporting

For anybody else that happens upon this page by accident: This is a testing app. No intention, nor anything in the app by design, to capture user’s information. Use at your own discretion.